Objects of Mystical Importance

New knowledge is forever shaping world markets. The art market is no different. When you observe art history, it becomes obvious that some of the most wondrous works of art were ignored by the intelligentsia of their time. Those with keen intuition nonetheless preserved these wonders for humanity. While scientists are struggling with the theory of extra-dimensions, artists and architects have already employed it in the creation of all manners of work.

This article is an invitation to journey into the inconceivable via a work that is daring, a work that possesses an unusual background story and a work that will grow in meaning because of its uncanny prescience. This work is not presented in a gallery, instead it is presented superimposed on a popular media: the Internet. This recalls MARSHALL McLUHAN’s famous quote: «The medium is the message», a saying that will strike you at the end of this voyage when what you believed to be a personal story becomes your story. Contrary to most popular art forms that use technology, or the electromagnetic force, this work is built on extra-dimensions to operate with the mysterious force of gravity in a way so far ahead of its time, it will redefine your understanding of this force without whom we would not exist.

Currently physics hopes to prove extra-dimensions by finding an exotic geometrical form that will fold in such a way that expresses the concept. Scientists expect the extra-dimensions to look like rows of symmetrical objects all neatly disposed in some yet unseen time and space. The extra-dimensions found through this work are much more subtle and engaging, part of the fabric of life, messy, emotional, filled with stories, unexplained phenomena, prophecy and myth.

As you engage on the path before you, the content of PHENOMENE ART IV : The Fourth Dimension, Phase 3 The Warrior’s Recapitulation will distract your attention from the structural changes happening in your mind with a series of paintings made in the style of ex-voto retablos. The story being told is outrageous yet it collapses into surreal authentic life events that are documented. As you grasp at a deep intuitive level the extra-dimension potentialities of the art, you will, strangely enough, recognize elements of your life and perceive that the power expressed in the work is the very force that human beings possess at their fingertips. The work is based on the scientific exploration of time, space and matter. You can navigate to links where you will see the scientific thoughts of our times in a new perspective.

The creator of this work has surrendered to the most astonishing lifestyle of any artist at any time before or since, she lived to “master the stars”. Her practice led to an understanding of gravity that could only be obtained by a long observation of how it operates with us to create our reality. As a result of her practice, she proved the Theory of Extra Dimensions by following the stars and using her art to verify the information she then intuited. The incredible connections emerging between science, religion, myths, and prophecy illustrate how we humans work through extra-dimensions to create our rich complex engrossing lives.

From the Emerge Art Nostradamus seeing me the details that blew my mind! I developped this image after I did the version of Phenomene Art IV that you can see while following the links attached here. For all my life I lived with an intuition that Nostradamus had seen me, but NEVER did I expect that one day I would see him seeing me!

We are extra-dimensional beings. The artist predicts that we are no longer Homo sapiens but Homo Mag Astrum, humans who can master the Unified Field, who can see the face of God without the need for religion because they now understand His mind. Our ever-evolving technologies will allow humanity to arrive at a new view of nature that will be undeniable just as we can agree on some basic facts of the world like the need for water and air for survival, like the comprehension that the Earth is a tiny ball floating in an infinite universe and so much more.

Despite its wide-ranging topics, the art presentation is built on scientific inquiry not belief. Belief needs no evidence but here, the art is the evidence.

For the savvy art collector who is passionate about art that is rich in meaning, that has a legendary provenance as well as a mystical resonance, the paintings of this unusual art form will be a precious collection favorite that will grow in value as scientists are slowly coming to terms with the science this artist discovered and proved.

As the story flows from link to link you will recognize that the supernatural is put into fresh perspective. The invisible becomes visible. Because it is so unique, the art world has yet set a place for this art form on their shelves. But you don’t need to wait for it to catch up.

Enjoy the mind-bending adventure!