Objects of Mystical Importance


Chiens Andalou © Lena Ghio 2014
                             Chiens Andalou © Lena Ghio 2014

As a bowl of water is juxtaposed to the book «Extrême: Esthétiques de la limite dépassée» by Paul Ardenne, it reacts powerfully. The water itself made the choice of this book arbitrarily. It is indeed a manifestation that is inconceivable by the standards of our intellectual conventions at the moment. In the photographs chosen for the exhibition, we notice a precise correlation between the visual content of the book, the artists’ intentions, the author’s text and that which emerges inside the water. Some objects are real items in my environment, like the lamp, the window and the book. But there were no dogs or images of dog around the bowl of water for the image above. See article Emerge Art and the Theory of Extra Dimensions.

It seems that for the most part art, science, politics and religion have become cynical and dissociated from the force that is responsible for our very life. We argue about what it could be. We are adamant we know the truth and are willing to kill for it. Even modern self-help gurus no longer guarantee the saving of our immortal soul but promise infinite material wealth as long as we keep our thoughts positive and our vision focused on the achievement of a unique goal.


Emerge Art arrives on the overcrowded international contemporary art scene; chaotic, media saturated, and unsure of what is art; a never before seen style of art: images “intended” by water. Why is this practice relevant at this time? For one, it revives in the most unlikely way, with the most recent technology, Forensic Photoshop

to be precise, the wonderment of Spirit and Its perennial link to each one of us. At once prophetic and nostalgic, proving the ancient occult art of scrying, it illustrates that nature is reaching out to us as it did in the past. 



Water, gentle and forgiving, is speaking out to us. How does this relate to our historical moment? It is LIFE confirming itself, its autonomy, in the face of our extraordinary egocentric exploitation of our precious planet and of our young! Water is the ultimate diplomat. Not one of us can survive without it. The book I am writing, The Language of Water, will show you just how deeply water is individualistic, intelligent and aware. The image on top of this article is from the series The Constant Spirit and it reveals one of the ways water uses the environment to talk to us. In the book you will discover all the methods I have uncovered on how water expresses itself.


For the world premiere exhibition of Emerge Art Emerge Art with the book «Extrême: Esthétiques de la limite dépassée» by Paul Ardenne / Flammarion I produced eight laser photographs that are the foundation of what will become a practice of the future: humans having an intelligent dialogue with water not based on superstition, but on a visual vocabulary arrived at through scientific inquiry and artistic inspiration.  There is a lot of research to be done to construct this vocabulary with the images water creates. These images prove  the scope of water’s understanding and fluency. The precious fluid is a great concern of the contemporary artist and of the world of commodities markets that have already evaluated it as a greater source of future profit than diamonds and gold. But no one is doing what I am doing, conversing with water, with Spirit, photographing the original phenomena and then producing Objects of Mystical Importance (OMI).


These eight pieces are very evocative of the 32 Campbell’s Soup Cans paintings by ANDY WARHOL, 1962, minus the visionary art collectors like DENIS HOPPER and IRVING BLUM, who bought the ground breaking works for hundreds of dollars and sold them for millions. No one has yet grasped the extraordinary breakthrough that Emerge Art represents for art, science, politics and religion. We never expected that nature would talk back to us! All the humans of the future will be curious to see the first representations of water’s first words.



Why is investing in Emerge Art the wave of the future for art markets? For one, IT HAS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE!!!! Emerge Art is unique and for the brilliant art collector who will acquire the first ever series of OMIs, depicting authentically, water dialoging with a human, it will be the most rewarding acquisition of a lifetime! The first utterances of water are a world heritage.


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